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Working with Robert

I am very fortunate to be working with Robert right now, a friend with multiple disabilities who is teaching me much. Together, we work to ensure websites are accessible, at least in terms of using Dragon Naturally Speaking. It's the assistive technology he relies on to get through his day. I find using and understanding the Dragon actually more difficult than using screenreaders, as a user is subject to both visual cues as well as HTML hierarchy on the website.
PBJ Plugin Test (A plugin for Robert)
PBJ Test Site
Notes and Observations (Password Protected)
We are extremely grateful to Robert Beasey, and the accessibility testing he provides for the website. To the right, Robert is testing a form for possible use as a survey to USFSP students

Training the Dragon

Robert Beasey testing a form for USFSP
Link to Robert's site
Image by Sharon Austin. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

GSS Grid Layout

Test Page for GSS Layout
Robert is heavily reliant on his phone for modern communications. It's important that any layout have a mobile-friendly interface.

graphic of the Golden Mean Ratio

I am absolutely entranced with using GSS style sheets, because it takes advantage of such design principles as the Fibonacci Spiral (Golden Mean Ratio, illustrated above). But as gorgeous as they are, tests show they're not ready to be used out of the box for a person like Robert.

IE No Scroll

screenshot of GSS layout using IE to a width under 400px

IE Scroll Screen Capture

screenshot of GSS layout using IE to a width under 400px


screenshot of GSS layout using Chrome to a width under 400px


screenshot of GSS layout using Firefox to a width under 400px

Firefox Scroll Screen Capture

screenshot of GSS layout using Firefox to a width under 400px

Currently Exploring..


Item One: Mouse Over Links need onblur and onfocus
Item Two: Color contrast
Item Three: TH headers in Google tools?
Item Four:
expanded mobile navbar doesn't collapse after clicking link #12852
  Note:March 30. Fixed with code from above.


Link to a quick test for mobile-ready

Google Analytics

Universal Analytics (UA)

Taking Part in the Process

If a user with mobility disabilities wants to take part in the process, what would it take?

Scratch and Test Sites

..And More Scratch Sites

Portal Test One. WP 4.2.2
Portal Test Two. WP 4.2.2
Portal Test 41a WP 4.2.2
Portal Test 41b WP 4.2.2
Multisite Testing 4.1 WP 4.2.2
Network also updated 4.2.2
Database updated 20 May 2015
Multisite Testing 4.2 WP 4.2.2
Debug True
Networkupdated 4.2.2
t29917 Multisite WP 4.2.2
Early Portal Test 41a Certificate (WP 4.2.2)
Early Portal Test 41b Certificate (WP 4.2.2)

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Note: WAVE toolbar uses the DOM for checking

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Introduction to WordPress
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wordPress and Library Data
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Themes in WordPress
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Help! I've inherited a Blog!
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